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Give The Gift Of Caring!
Comfort Care Connection At The Senior Movers
Do you find yourself asking one of the most common questions? What can I get this person for a Gift, and will they like it? That is a common feeling to have and one that never seems to go away. It can be even more challenging to come up with a Gift Idea for an elderly person as they have accumulated so many things in their lifetime and at a time they need to downsize, you may not want to add to it.

The Senior Movers is excited to Launch our E-Care Card. This is a simple way to solve that nagging question and put a smile on the face of someone you Care for. Relocating into the next phase of a Senior’s life can not only be an anxious time, but costs can add up. Fixing up your Home to sell it, securing your new residence at a Senior Community and of course, the cost to get from where you are to where you need to go. This is your chance to redirect your Gift spending and extend your Gift of Care for Relocation.

Starting at $50 and up from there, you can add funding to an account for that special someone. Maybe it is an Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or just because. This is your chance to add Comfort, Care & Connection into their next chapter.